VÄLKOMMEN - Introduktion


Nature photographer
Carl-Fredrik Ekström /N
Born 1967 in  Stockholm, Sweden
Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

In march 2014 I was elected as a member of the Swedish Nature Photographer´s association and earned the right to put an "/N" after my name. Members are committed to an honest ethical approach to nature and nature photography.


As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by nature.
The landscape with its delicate lines and details; flowers so exquisite;
birds – totally adapted to their element and all other creatures with their own personalities. 
Nature is everywhere waiting to reveal its secrets to us.
By bringing the camera into the landscape I get the possibility to capture my personal impressions of its spirit.
This site is showing a selection of my work. New pictures will be added continuously
and older ones will be replaced.
My pictures are, with no exception, made on location directly with the camera.
Only elementary darkroom techniques are used in post processing.

Pictures are sold as numbered prints in various sizes.
Please contact me for further information!

All photos are protected by copyright.
If you wish to buy or use any of them, please contact me 
by e-mail on cf [dot] ekstrom [at] telia [dot] com